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Message From The Council

ICD Asia Sector

Message from ICD President Dr. Clive Ross

It is a very special Honour and privilege to be President of the International College of Dentists at a time that a new Section is formed.

I am also fortunate to have experienced and continue to experience the enthusiasm and drive shown by the newly appointed executives and the inaugural Fellows of the Section as it begins its journey.

The amazing tenacity and enthusiasm I have observed over the past 18 months as the initiative has grown to reach this stage is something few Presidents are exposed to and have been able to enjoy as I have.

The tenacity and dedication required to reach this point could not have happened without Dato How Kim Chuan and his close enthusiastic team from the countries represented in the Section.

The International College has a lot to learn and share with any new Section but in particular from SectionXV as it develops and embraces the broad range of Fellows represented in its constitution and begins its journey with the core values of the College as its guiding force.

Already the new Section leaders are planning for humanitarian outreach, to identify leaders of the profession across the Section boundaries and to capitalize on the newly inductedFellows and put them to good work.

To our new Fellows and future inductees I look forward to your commitment and willing obligation to make this new Section strong, vibrant and an example to others. You will ensure that the pledge on being invited to become a Fellow is a pledge of lifelong support to your Section financially and personally. You will ensure that the wisdom and innovation evident in the high caliber of inductees will be a shining example of what fellowship really means in the family of the International College of Dentists

The Macau conference is an outstanding example of what can be achieved by your Section. The leadership has developed a comprehensive and stimulating scientific programme which will be the envy of many and will certainly attract dentists worldwide. This is a unique opportunity to meet and socialize with Fellows worldwide, to exchange ideas, to learn and showcase Section XV. I have no doubt it will be a great success.

The ICD is a worldwide family honouring those dentists who have made a significant contribution to the oral health of the populations they serve. Be proud of this recognition and direct your endeavors to ensure your new Section goes from strength to strength and provides an outstanding example of the College values and aspirations

Dr. Clive Ross
President International College of Dentists



Message from ICD Secretary General Dr. Jack Hinterman


From the ICD world headquarters College Office in Michigan, USA I extend my congratulations and best wishes for every success upon the occasion of the first ever ICD Congress that may be described as both a major and an international event with two Sections in collaboration, China Section and ICD Section XV. This grand scale has not previously been achieved by ICD. These meetings in Macau will play a critical part in guiding the long-term success of the new ICD Section XV. Your approach is very innovative because you are developing excellence in continuing education programing as the key to both the present and future. Under the inspired direction of ICD Councilor Dato Dr. Kim Chuan How I expect remarkable things to happen.

The ICD worldwide family awaits reports and photographs describing the events planned in Macau. There will be an Initiation Ceremony for new Fellows. ICD Regents and officers from across South East Asia will meet as ICD Section XV Board of Regents and will make plans for continuing progress of ICD in Asia. An ambitious and exciting educational program will be presented by a world class line up of international dental experts. In the exhibitors’ hall a trade show will focus attention of the latest advances in dental technology. From around the world your international colleagues will be participating. The open exchange of ideas and insights represents ICD at its best.

The planning and staging of this ambitious Congress has occurred because of the brave leadership of Section XV Officers and Regents. The ICD world has watched as several ICD Regions have come together under one unified Section to better serve the Fellows, the dental profession and the public. It has been a long road and the new Section has not yet reached safe harbor. Your determination and your unity under ICD Fellowship will carry you onward, assisted now by this new Congress based activism.

ICD Fellows in Asia, your participation is needed to make the new Section and its new Congress the best it can be. Bring your interests and your enthusiasm for sharing with others during the Congress. The Macau Congress is where you connect with your ICD colleagues and where you have a direct link with the worldwide ICD. I hope to see you at this very special annual Section XV Congress. Best wishes for an enjoyable and rewarding meeting.

Dr. Jack Hinterman
ICD Secretary General



Message from chairman of the 2018 Global CongressICD Sections XIII (China) & XV International Congress & Induction Ceremony(Prof. Zhou Xuedong) 

International College of Dentists Section XIII-China usually holds its annual induction ceremony to welcome its new fellows from across the country in April. This year, we are very happy to join hands with a newly established ICD section, Section XV, in organizing a grand event in June in Macau. It is therefore the first time for us to collaborate with others in such an important aspect.

During this course, we are much impressed by the diligence and efficiency of president of Section XV Dato Dr. HOW Kim Chuan and its vice president Dr William CHEUNG. Also, we thank the hospitality of President of Macau Dental Association Dr. Jerry WONG and its Registrar Dr. Carlos Augusto. We are very honored by guidance from Chinese Stomatological Assocation and the invaluable support from Macao Trade and Investment Promotion Institute is not to be forgotten.

We have invited world-renowned speakers to bring about cutting edge knowledge and inspiring lectures to the audience, who also have the freedom of selecting various workshops during the global congress. There is no doubt that the meeting attendees will benefit quite a lot from the speeches and the workshops will prove themselves to be wonderful learning opportunities.

There is much to expect.

We are looking forward to seeing you in Macau!

Chairman, ICD Sections XIII (China) & XV International Congress & Induction Ceremony

President, ICD Section XIII

International councilor, ICD



Message from Chairman ICD Section XIII & Section XV International Scientific Congress & Induction Ceremony (Dato’ Dr How Kim Chuan)

ICD Section XV evolves from Section XX World at Large. 13 countries from Asia decided to come together to form an autonomous Section, namely Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Brunei, Cambodia, Hong Kong, Indonesia , Laos , Macau, Malaysia, Singapore, Pakistan, Thailand, Vietnam. These 13 countries which was previously known as ICD Section XX Asia has been organizing annual conference and Induction

Ceremony since 2013-2017 in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia. The number of fellows have grown significantly during the past 5 years. This has cumulated to the formation of autonomous Section XV on 7 October 2017 by the then President of ICD Dr Rajesh Chandna, President Elect Dr Clive Ross and Secretary General Dr John Hinterman.

Section XV is collaborating with Section XIII China in organizing our 5th ICD Conference which is also the first time we conjoint with the Chinese Section and hence the name ICD Section XIII & XV International Scientific Congress & Induction Ceremony. We are extremely pleased that Macau Dental Association President Dr Jerry Wong and Executive Director Dr Carlos Augusto are collaborating with this Congress. We thank Macau Trade and Investment Promotion Institute for supporting this Congress.Macau is a sophisticated metropolitan city and has world class convention facilities. It is also a popular tourist destination with long history of Sino-Portuguesa relationship. Macau’s is also known to be heaven for cuisines, food lovers would find succulent food guaranteed to satisfy your taste buds that suits every culture and religion.

The theme is “The future of Dentistry Now” featuring digital dentistry, e-marketing, branding and practice management. We have featured a very attractive scientific program with world class International speakers and top class workshops.

There is also a trade exhibition displaying state of art dental products. We thank the traders for their generous support.

We are also organizing International Induction Ceremony to induct the top 5% of dentists from each member countries to be fellows of ICD.

The mission of ICD is to promote global oral health through education and humanitarian activities.

I wish to thank my organizing committee members in particular my Vice President Dr William Cheung and Registrar John Ling for their ardent support.

We also wish to thank the President of Section XIII Profesor Zhou Xuedong and President of Chinese Stomatological Association Prof Yu Guangyan and President of Society of Dental Practitioner CSA Prof Lu Haiping for their unprecedented support.

We look forward to welcoming you in this auspicious Congress

Yours sincerely,

Dato’ Dr How Kim Chuan


ICD Section XV

Chairman Organizing Committee

ICD International Councilor

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